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    Our Focus On

    Ultimate Manufacturing Excellence

    Organizations strive to Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness to be competitive in the market. Manufacturing Excellence is a key Goal for organizations. We, at UTHISTA, help organizations to achieve Manufacturing Excellence through systematic focused and customized programs. WE understand Manufacturing excellence is not achieved in a short time. It requires sustained effort, a paradigm shift in the thinking process, process reengineering, quality tools and techniques and continuous improvement process.

    At UTHISTA we have created unique programs and modules for achieving Manufacturing excellence in an accelerated manner. Each organization is different with different resources, cultural background and abilities. So one size or one process methodology does not fit all. We follow 3 D methodology: Discover, Design and Develop. The programs are designed for the given group’s specific requirements, thus making this program itself unique. Adult learning involves breaking up old beliefs, overcome resistance to change, and making the individuals enjoy “Beyond the Comfort Zone”.

    Different Techniques of Project Management

    We will walk you through all the different approaches to project management.

    Resource Management

    To achieve manufacturing excellence the key aspect is using the resources correctly. Our team will teach you how to do exactly that.

    Tools for Different Purposes

    Uthista team will teach you how to use all the leading Manufacturing Management Tools.

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