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    Our Focus On

    Effective Communication

    UTHISTA Learning Services, LLP is founded with an intention to bring out the hidden talent from within. Many organizations have excellent people but due to a gap in communication there could be a delay in project delivery or sometimes the expected outcome and actual outcome will be different. Organizations should take an initiative to make the team follow a streamlined process of communication so that no information is lost or misunderstood. At the same time, employees also need to abide by the process of communication.

    At UTHISTA we have created unique programs and modules for effective communication to improve productivity. We follow 3 D methodology: Discover, Design and Develop. The programs are designed for the given group’s specific requirements, thus making this program itself unique. Adult learning involves breaking up old beliefs, overcome resistance to change, and making the individuals enjoy, “Beyond the Comfort Zone”.

    Methods of Communication

    Uthista team will walk you through the different methods of communication you can use in your professional life.

    Conflict Management

    Life is full of Conflicts, be it at home or at work. Learn to manage conflicts effectively.

    Importance of Listening

    When and how to build healthy conversations for effective communication.

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