About Uthista

“A Journey of thousand miles starts with a single step”

UTHISTA Learning Services, LLP is founded by a group of passionate individuals with many years of experience in corporate world. We started this organization to enable people look at life differently, appreciate life and lead a happy life.

We have developed some broad frameworks for imparting these ideas and simple techniques to implement these into their daily activities and sustain them to reap “real life” benefits. We offer services in a customized manner to ensure the specific requirements are taken care of. Services are offered for corporate teams as well as for individuals.

What do we do?

“A learning curve is essential to growth.”

We are passionate to assist organizations to achieve EXCELLENCE. Our Unique Leadership programs are designed to empower future and current leaders to understand their strengths and guide them to achieve personal and team excellence.

We assist organizations and individuals assess their goals and guide them to prepare a roadmap to achieve the objectives while maintaining the work-life balance in a relatively stress-free environment.

Personal Transformation is our main objective. We understand each organization is unique and so is individual. We strongly believe every individual wants to excel both personally and professionally We strive to bring out each individual’s strengths and help them to grow them for Organizational Excellence.


UTHISTA is focused on overall personal transformation; not just some quick fix, external aids.

Personalized attention even after the session with follow up sessions as necessary, from the experienced practitioners.

Wisdom from ancient scriptures combined with the latest methods to widen the perspectives and open up new opportunities.

Do away with “ One size fits all” kind of programs. A strong framework with games, stories and fun filled activities to bring a paradigm shift.

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